This project's mission is to purchase, rehabilitate or remove rundown or abandoned houses or other buildings with a goal of either renting or reselling them.

While it's not feasible to save some buildings, others are not so far gone that they can't be saved. Many jobs can be created salvaging these properties and rehabilitating them which also will bring up the property values in their communities.

Unlike Kickstarter and others, there are no "all or nothing" or time deadline restrictions. However if a goal of $2,000,000 isn't reached by August 1 the project will have to be delayed and/or started on a smaller scale until enough backing is received.

For helping us with this project Jenna will receive a commission when this project reaches it's goal plus a $1000 bonus if it reaches that goal by July 1. If you are interested in helping to fund this project contact your social media pals to help Jenna get that bonus.

In order to simplify book keeping, there is a minimum loan amount of $100 for this project. More significant loans should be in multiples of $100.
As a participation incentive, $5000 and higher lenders will be invited to visit project sites. Loan repayment will begin on a first in first out basis as the business gets established and starts producing income.

If you understand and agree to how your funds will be used and that there are no refunds, make your check payable to slapstarter holding and label it "PR-5 loan". Include a self addressed stamped #10 envelope for your receipt. Also include a note with the following information:

"Enclosed you will find my interest free loan of $???? to be repaid at your convenience."
John Doe
234 Wrong Road
Podunk, MO 98765
phone #
cell #

If you are a $1000 or higher lender and would be seriously interested in becoming an investor/member of income producing properties (LLC), then include that request and state the amount ($5,000 minimum) you would like to invest along with your other info.

Mail to:
PO Box 101
Elizabethtown, KY 42702

A link will be provided on the projects page to inform you when this project's goal is met.

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