funding for big budget projects
keeping it simple

Slapstarter is a non-profit crowdfunding platform created to finance big budget projects. It has no salaried employees and is not in the apparel business (no free tee shirts).

Wouldn't you rather have 100% of your monies go toward the actual funding of a project than to a commercial crowdfunding platform charging 5% or more plus credit card fees of 2½% or more? At least one platform claiming to be free even charges transaction fees.

Unlike commercial funding platforms such as Kickstarter which accept credit cards, pledges, etc, slapstarter
chooses to be old fashioned and use snail mail and bank checking so hackers can't steal credit card or any other information. Also slapstarter won't furnish a contact form on this site as a convenience since that also invites hackers and bots.

Best yet, unlike those commercial crowdfunding platforms where you make contributions or donations and receive a reward or product, slapstarter has been restructured to where you will actually be making an interest free loan to be paid back at some point in the future. However individual projects could provide their own reward or incentive programs.

In order to help your project reach it's goal as soon as possible, alert your friends and social media contacts to assist you.

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